I know what you’re thinking– already??  YES, I can’t help it!  Once September hits, I get the fall bug.  My coworkers and I already started discussing group Halloween costumes on the first day… I was inspired!

So without further ado, I bring you bewitching halloween {math & literacy centers}:

There are five literacy centers…

…and four math centers included:
Keep on readin’ on to get a better look at this spooooky bundle {and for a special trick-or-TREAT}!!

Haunted Homphones: Match simple homophones and complete a cut & paste activity {or, simply write the words in!}
Candy Consonants: Identify the final consonant
Spider Scramble: Make new words using the letters in “Spider Webs”
Batty About Blends: Sort L-blends and complete a cut & paste activity

Spooky Sorting: Sort words by the long or short “A” sound

Trick-or-Treat Ten Frames: Match ten frames to the correct numbers 1-12

Witching Hour: Time to the hour
Pumpkin Puzzles: Put puzzles back together as you skip count by 2, 5, 10

Monster Mash Measuring: Measure objects with a nonstandard form of measurement {monster rulers!}

I hope you’re as excited about these centers as I am!!  I just love Halloween, and I can’t wait to introduce these learning activities to my kiddos!  If you want to grab this bundle for your little ones, just head to my TpT shop!

And now it’s time for your trick-or-TREAT!  No tricks here, just a little treat… bewitching halloween {math & literacy centers} will be 25% off for today and tomorrow only!  So grab your pumpkin bucket, boo bag, or pillowcase {that’s how I used to roll!} and snag your copy while it’s on sale 🙂  These centers will go back to regular price at midnight on Monday.

I’d love to hear what you think!!  Leave me some hoots and howls below! 😉

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