I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share five things from my week! 🙂

1} My kiddos earned 12 compliments!!!!
They actually earned the last three in one day!  My littles have been trying so hard to earn compliments… it’s really cute to watch 🙂  And whenever they hear someone compliment them, 21 hands shoot up into the air to tell me “We got one! We earned a star in the jar!!”

2} To celebrate the above, we had a hot chocolate party!
I heated the water with an electric water kettle, borrowed from another teacher.  It was so easy!  I am going to invest in one for future hot chocolate parties 🙂

3} No day in my life hot chocolate party is complete without a craft!
This little sweetie liked her hot cocoa because “it had marshmallows and NO whipped cream!”
Another cutie liked her hot cocoa because she “never tasted it and liked it very very very much.”
And this little one would mix his cocoa “with a lot of cool whip.”  And he did!

4} This one is non school related… but I took a kitty nap photoshoot the other day:
Little Zoe <3
Little Jack <3
I can’t stand how cute they are!!  🙂

5} I stumbled upon this ecard while browsing Pinterest today:
Always true, right??

Head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to link up, or see what pics others have shared!
Have a great weekend!!

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