February is getting closer and closer, and with it comes Friendship Week!  This year, Friendship Week will be celebrated from February 6-10.  Are you ready??  If not, maybe I can help 🙂

I got an idea yesterday at work and put it together as soon as I got home.  I came up with a craft {plus labels, not shown},

That’s me and one of my besties, my brother

six different writing prompts {with different versions/clipart for each},

and a create-a-word game.
Almost 25 pages in all!

You can get your pack from my TpT or Teacher’s Notebook stores.  I *love* your feedback and input, so please write me a little something to let me know what you think!

Here’s a little friendship freebie to add to the fun:

In other news, today I was given a NEW award, the “My Favorite Follower Award,” created by Mrs. Lamb from Views from Room 205.  I’m seriously flattered because each day I try to show the love to my fellow bloggers, and it’s so nice to see that Mrs. Lamb recognized that!  Thanks, girl!! 
Please pass this award on to a couple of YOUR favorite followers… the ones who are always sure to leave you some love, and who make you feel really good about whatever it is you posted!

I’m sharing the Favorite Follower award with these amazing ladies:

Kindergarten Is a Hoot



First Grade Blue Skies


Color Me Kinder


Thank you *SO* much girls, for always making me feel good about my ideas and creations!!

As I’m writing this, I have 387 followers.  So many of you leave me sweet comments each day, and I REALLY appreciate all of it!  In fact, I’m itching for another 13 followers so I can throw a 400 follower giveaway to celebrate all of you 🙂  Please know that you are ALL my favorite! 🙂

{Wow, this was a looong post!  Thanks for sticking around!!}

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