A while back I asked my Facebook followers about their classroom job routines.  Some only had one or two helpers, while others had jobs for everyone.  Some changed jobs daily, and others bi-weekly.  I landed right in the middle, with jobs for half my group that rotated weekly.  I was inspired by our conversation, and decided to change it up!

First off, I created a new set of jobs for my kiddos… and yours, if you want them!!
These jobs match my classroom set-up starter kit! {chevon theme bundle}, but they can be used in any bright and colorful classroom!  I included 31 different jobs in two different sizes {4.5″ and 3.5″}.

Take a look at the job options:
The set includes:
light technician, calendar captain, door holder, paper passer, caboose {or line ender}, attendance taker {or roll reminder}, recess helper/s, lunch helper/s, gardener, computer keeper, line leader, messenger, weather forecaster, backpack patrol, station inspector, homework checker, classroom greeter, morning leader, mail carrier, pet caretaker, board eraser, substitute, teacher’s assistant, nurse, pencil patrol, supply manager, snack helper, clean-up crew, librarian, closet monitor, table captain {six colors}

Here’s a close-up of what two job cards look like:

My plan is for each student to have a job next year, and I think I’m going to rotate every two weeks.  Once I print and laminate, I’m going to magnetize my new cards.  I plan on displaying them on my chalkboard {I usually use 2/3 of it for display and 1/3 for writing}.  I’m going to use mini magnet circles with student names or numbers to designate who has what job!  Another idea would be to create a clip-chart-like-chart {make sense? haha} and use clothespins! 🙂

If you’re interested, you can pick up my jobs in the classroom {chevron theme} set in my TpT shop!!  I’d love to know what you think!!!  Leave me some love below 🙂

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