In my travels, I stumbled upon a Student-Made Holiday Gifts Linky Party, over at Finally in First.  Perfect timing, because I just made a sample of what I plan on making with my students!!  It’s a snowman ornament!

To make this ornament, you will need one clear plastic ornament, two pom poms, and half of a pipe cleaner per student.  I used red poms and sparkly green pipe cleaners, but you could use whatever colors you want!  You will also need a couple bags of Buffalo Snow Snowflakes, orange and black paint markers (I recommend Sharpie), and a hot glue gun.  With coupons at a craft store, the final price shouldn’t be too bad.

First, have your students pop the top off and fill the ornament about 2/3 of the way full with snowflakes.  Replace the top securely.  Next, invite students up one or two at a time to draw snowman faces with the paint markers.  They (or you) can also write the date on the back.

The last part requires a hot glue gun, so it’s for teachers only!!  You will need to cut a pipe cleaner in half, shape it into a half circle, and then hot glue it to the sides of the ornament.  Hot glue your pom poms to the ends of the pipe cleaner to complete the ear muffs.  Now you’re done!  Let the ornaments completely dry, place them in a clear gift bag, and tie them with a ribbon and a little tag that says, “I love you SNOW much!”… or something cute and corny like that!!

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