I started moving things to my new room yesterday.  I am gaining not one, but TWO, walk-in closets!!  I.am.SO.excited!  And let me tell you… those closets are filling up FAST.  I have sooo much stuff.  I might be a teaching-supply-hoarder {the best kind, right?!}.

While I was cleaning and organizing, I came across my math manipulatives and decided I needed a storage change!  So I set off to Target and picked up two sets of Sterilite shoe boxes {$5.99 for a set of 5}, printed and laminated my new labels, and got to work:
  I think even math should be pretty 🙂  I like these shoe boxes because they are clear, stackable, and the lids are easy to pop on and off {and they actually stay on}.  Also, they come in my classroom colors!!

Here’s a close-up of the labels:
If you’re interested, these labels come from my classroom labels starter kit! on TpT.

Hmmf, my hubs was supposed to grill for dinner tonight… but the rainy weather, his lateness from work {he’s an accountant and it’s his busy season}, and the lack of lighting on our deck means I’m making some Kraft mac and cheese instead!  I’ll talk to you soon 🙂

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