Whew!  I survived the first two days of school! 🙂
I have the cutest bunch of littles!  Seriously, they are ADORABLE!

We spent most of Thursday and Friday going over routines and procedures:  hand signals, voice levels, how to line up, how to walk in the hall, how to… you get the idea!  I also introduced my firsties to all the workbooks they will be using through the year: 
{More not pictured!}
Between our reading, math, and science series, the kiddos have about seven different workbooks.   And most of them are red!  It’s hard to tell some of them apart, so to help my sweeties take out the correct book in the beginning of the year, I color code them:
I just swipe a fat Mr. Sketch marker along the bottom pages of the book.  That way, when the books are piled inside their desks, they can see the colors!  When I ask my students to take out a book, I’ll say something like, “Please take out your Grammar Green book!”  It really does help, and it makes transitions quicker and easier!  And after a few weeks, my kiddos will be telling me which book is which! 🙂

I forgot to take pics of the activities we did this week 🙁  The first two days were like a whirlwind!  I promise I will definitely be on top of picture taking from now on 😉

Before I go, I have a little freebie for you!  After my last post on paint cans and my various incentive ideas, I got a lot of requests for the labels I used… so I put them together and uploaded them to Google Docs for you! 🙂  I print the labels on sticker paper from Staples {or you can use Avery full page labels}.

Here’s an example of how I use them:

There are two labels included in the download that I don’t think I mentioned in my last post.  I use the “Happy Birthday” label on a paint can full of krazy straw birthday balloons, and the “Warm Fuzzies” label on another paint can {I really love those paint cans} that we use as our class bucket {you can read more about that HERE}.

Okay, I’m off!  I’ll be completing work for my grad classes and putting together stuff for school this week… and hopefully getting started on a little Christopher Columbus unit that’s been brewing 😉   Have a great Sunday everyone!

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