And just like THAT… Spring Break is coming to a close!  It always goes by so fast!  Since it’s back to school for me tomorrow, I’ll be spending a portion of my Sunday prepping my new spring centers, showers ‘n flowers!  They’re perfect for April AND May.  I’m really excited to share them with you… take a look!!

There are four math centers, which are Common Core aligned:

*Numbers in Bloom*
Little ones will practice ordering numbers!
*Flower Power* 
Kiddos will practice nonstandard measurement by measuring garden objects, and then some items around the classroom.
*Puddle Jumpin’!*
Students will skip count by 5’s, up to 120, using fun cards!
*Kite’s Away!*
Your babes will use addition and subtraction to answer word problems.  There are 12 kite-related problems in all! 🙂
And there are five literacy centers, also aligned to the Common Core!

*Butterfly Match-Up*
Littles will find and record pairs of antonyms, by matching the butterfly and flower cards.

*Magic Garden*
Students will listen for the hard or soft “G” sound, and sort accordingly!

*Sorting in the Rain*
Kiddos will read words and sort them as noun, verbs, or adjectives.
*It’s Raining Affixes*
Your littles will make words by adding prefixes or suffixes to root words.  They can also sort prefixes, suffixes, and roots!
*Use Your Umbrella!*
Students will listen for the short “U” sound and sort the words.
Eee, so much fun!  I can’t wait to start introducing these to my kiddos!  If you’re interested in grabbing this set for yourself, stop by my TpT shop!!  I hope you LOVE it!!

I’m off to start printing & laminating!! Happy Sunday, sweet friends!
Trying something new… pin my new pack from this post & leave a comment with your email addy for a chance to win!
Congrats to #16, Rachael M.!!

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