I have been slowly, slowly putting things together for my classroom.  I’m procrastinating {I do that really well!} because I can’t get into my room for another week and school doesn’t start until September.  So, let’s call this one small step in the right direction! 🙂

First up, I made a fun little reading poster to display in my classroom:
STAR Time {Sit Together And Read} will be just like DEAR Time {Drop Everything And Read}, but with an updated name!  Students can grab a book, head to a comfy spot, and read!  We will also have teacher/student STAR Time.  This is just another fun name for when I pull kiddos aside to complete running records, fluency assessments, etc.  I think the special name will make this testing time a little more “appealing” for my firsties! 🙂

I also made up these simple reading awards.  I thought they would be fun to give to my little  friends after working with them during teacher/student STAR Time.  I made them black & white and plan to copy them on colored paper {like shown} to save on ink!

And keeping with the theme…
I made a reading assessment file box!  I used a different acronym for STAR {STudent Achievement in Reading}, created/printed/laminated another poster, and attached it to the front of a large, clear file box.  I seriously have about 10 of these lifesavers… they come in a few different sizes, they fit in my desk drawers, and they don’t take up much room in my closet!

Inside of the box are hanging file folders with sections for all the different reading assessments/score sheets that I need to keep {placement, DIBELS, running records for guided reading, etc.}   I also separated files like “Fluency Assessments” into fall, winter, & spring folders.
There’s plenty of room in this file box for more folders, should I think of more!  This is going to help keep me mega-organized, because I never seem to put scores in the same spot twice… which makes it really difficult to find them when needed! 😉

I put all of the above into a little freebie for you, if you want to grab the posters or awards for your classroom!  You can find it in my TpT shop! 🙂

Have a great weekend!!!

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