Hi, friends!  Around this time last year, two friends and I hosted a summer linky… and we had so much fun, that we’re doing it again!!  Get your summer to-do list ready and join me, Hadar, and April for the second annual Summer Bucket List Linky!
In case you missed it last year, this linky is all about what we teachers want to *get done* during our beloved summer off!  Whether you want to make something for the new school year, try out a new dish, or attempt to recreate an idea you saw on Pinterest, we want to hear about it!!  Be sure to grab the button above and include it in your post if/when you link up!

So, what’s on my summer to-do list?? 🙂

Besides create, relax, and get a nice tan…..

{1} I want to go on VACATION!
My family and I are heading down to Myrtle Beach again this summer… we LOVE it there!  We usually go every other year, but even though we went last year, we loved the resort so much {a new place} that we couldn’t resist!!
{2} I want to SHOP!  For next year’s school supplies that is:
Okay, I’m sure I’ll be shopping for more than just school supplies {hello, shopaholic here!} but these are some must buys for September!  Clockwise: neon book & binder holdersprivacy shields; neon paper baskets; nametags… all from Really Good Stuff!

{3} I want to ORGANIZE:

I want to make something just like this, except for all of the assessments we have to give:  placement, reading fluency, Dibels.  Right now I have these scores here, and those scores there, and I go crazy looking for them when I need them!

I also want to dress up a paper bin like this to keep my mess {yes, sometimes I do have a mess!} hidden from view.

And I want to be ready for new kiddos throughout the year!!!  Sometimes they pop in and I’m frantically searching for the info I need.  This will solve that problem!

{4} I want to PREPARE:

I plan on prepping math journals like these, on top of all the other things I need to get ready for my new kiddos {like first day gifts, birthday balloons, BEE Books… the list goes on!}!

Now tell me… what’s on YOUR summer bucket list?!


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