Happy Sunday, everyone!  Do you have off tomorrow for Veterans Day?  I do!  Sundays are much nicer when we have off on Monday, aren’t they?! 😉

I have some exciting news… Today I was asked to be a bridesmaid!  I went to brunch with the newly engaged Michelle and several other fab ladies… and found this at my seat:

Of course the box was closed, but when I opened it I found a bunch of goodies and a cute poem asking me to be a part of her wedding!  Yay!  I’ve never been a bridesmaid before {just a bride, hehe} so I’m super excited!!

Okay, now I’m going to share a teaching tip with you!

My tip isn’t new {you might have read it on my blog before} but maybe you missed it!  I’m sharing how I organize my students’ table supplies:
Each table {a group of four desks} has a supply caddy in the middle.   I bought the caddies from Michael’s this year because they had bright colors to match my theme.  In the past, I’ve gotten my caddies from Lakeshore, Harmon… wherever I happen to find them!  Anywho, here is a pic of my classroom before the students arrived in September:
You can see the caddies set up on the tables!

Each caddy has three compartments.  In the two smaller compartments there are four scissors and four glue sticks for each kiddo at the table.  I try to color coordinate the scissors {pink scissors in the pink caddy, etc.}.  I mostly use community supplies to prevent arguments like, “That’s my glue!” and “Those are my scissors!”  This way, if an argument breaks out, I put a quick end to it by saying, “Actually, they’re MINE! :)”

The large compartment in the caddy is for their crayon boxes:
I buy these sliders for my students each year.  As soon as my littles bring crayons to school, I have them put the crayons in the sliders and throw the crayon box in the trash.  In my experience, the cardboard crayon boxes are flimsy and only last a few days before they fall apart!  The slider pencil cases last ALL YEAR… and they’re pretty, too 🙂

And that’s all for my little tip!  Haha, I feel like this post ended abruptly.  But I hope I helped someone out there!  Be sure to check out the other tips, and if you have one of your own, link it up!! 🙂

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