Valentine’s Day came a day early in first grade!  It was a crazy, sugar-filled Friday {the 13th, no less!}, but a great start to my WEEK OFF. 🙂 🙂  I wanted to stop in and share a few ideas for Valentine goodies… you can put them in your pocket for next year!!

Backtracking for a sec, my teacher girls and I decided at our Secret Santa exchange that we needed a “Secret Something” exchange for every month of the school year.  Just a *little* surprise gift, because we like surprises.  And gifts.  So, we drew months out of a hat and set a buying limit of $40 {which is $5 per person}.  I drew February, which was my first choice!!

Fast forward to last night when this Secret Valentine finally decided to put her gifts together…!  I bought 8 EOS lip balms and whipped up some gift tags.  Voila!
To place the EOS in the card, I used a 1.5″ circle punch to make a hole.  Then I opened each balm, sandwiched the card between the top and bottom, and screwed it shut.  Don’t worry, I’m a germaphobe and washed my hands thoroughly! 😉  Easy as pie!!

For my student gifts, I picked up some bubble rings from Walmart and stuck them to a little card using glue dots:
Nothin’ too fancy {that’s what happens when you make the tags at midnight the night before}, but the kiddos loved them!

And last but not least, another last minute idea!  We made gifts for our parents:
They are as simple as they look:  two hearts glued together, two handprints in two colors.  Quick, easy, and certainly a keepsake! 🙂

I hope you can pin these ideas and use them sometime!  Have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day, Cupcakes!  I can’t wait to share the day with my little love bug!  XoXo!

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