Busy, busy, busy!!  That’s the best way to describe Valentine’s Day in my classroom!  Tired, tired, tired!!  That’s the best way to describe me tonight!

My day started by putting together these bubbly Valentines for my littles:
Total cost: less than $10!  The bubbles came in a pack of 24 from Target, and there were four different colors in the bag:
I used glue dots to attach the bubble wands to the cards… which I printed on white cardstock.  I love how they turned out!!

When my kiddos arrived at school, we got right to work creating!  We made the most adorable treat bags to hold our Valentines:
This cute idea came from Darling Little Learners!

And we made sweet Valentines for our families:
My kiddos got a kick out of this craft!  Especially once I explained the pun… twice 😉  The gumball machines are from my pack valentine, i “chews” you! {a craftivity}.

Next, we worked on some Valentine’s Day math!  I filled up little heart containers with conversation hearts:
I handed them out to the kids, along with graphing and sorting worksheets courtesy of A Teeny Tiny Teacher:
Of course, the candy bags I bought didn’t have white hearts… they had blue instead!  But we made it work 🙂

We also had a snack-filled class party, watched Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, read many Valentine’s Day books, and completed an activity with some big kids.  Like I said… today was BUSY! 🙂

In other news… look what my hubby sent me!!
Two dozen red roses!  He also got me a Pandora bracelet… which I’ve already been wearing for a week {we went to the store together lol}:
So far I have a cupcake {for obvious reasons!}, a giraffe print glass bead, the key to hubby’s heart, a zebra glass bead, a horseshoe, and a little giraffe charm!  I never thought I wanted a Pandora bracelet until I bought my brother’s girlfriend a charm for Christmas… when I was at the store, I fell in love!  Now I love to admire it! 🙂

Hubby is on his way home… we’re going to cook dinner and rent a movie.  I’m 100% happy with a relaxing night at home!  Whatever you’re doing tonight, I hope you have a HAPPY and SWEET Valentine’s Day!!!  XoXo!!

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