When we do activities with our class, we usually send the final product home for students to share with their families.  But sometimes the final product is just so cute that you want to keep it forever and ever!
That’s what happened when, last week, we completed Love is… writing prompts.  My students’ answers were so darling that I knew I wanted to keep them in the classroom for all to admire.  So, I decided to make a Love is… class book and put my new binding machine from My Binding to the test!
Using the machine is very easy if you read the directions!  First, you have to punch holes in the pages of your project:
Then, place the comb into the correct spot, and wind it open.  Once open, put the project pages face down onto the comb:
This part took me much longer than it should have… mostly because I didn’t read the directions, used a comb that was too small {twice}, and tried to load too many pages at once. Talk about being impatient, haha!  But now that I know how to do it, it really is SO EASY!

Once the pages are loaded onto the comb {which should take anyone other than me about 30 seconds}, you simply wind it shut.  And voila!  Your project is done!  If you want to learn more about this machine, check it out {HERE}!

Here are a couple pages from the book:

Love is when my mom makes me hot chocolate and my dad makes me macaroni.

Love is when my mom gives me a kiss when I go to sleep.

Love is when my mom lets me play soccer and X-Box 360.

  I can’t wait to bring the book to school tomorrow, so my littles can admire their beautiful work!!    And speaking of work… I have cupcakes to bake and Valentines to make!  Have a Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!!

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