Can you feel it?  LOVE is in the air!  That’s why I’m joining the gals over at Freebie-licious to fill your hearts… with freebies!!!
Grab my freebie below, then follow the link to the next, and the next… until you collect all the sweet treats! 🙂

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, my class and I have been working on lots of love themed projects!  One of my favorites is a repeat from last year using the book Love, Splat and a cute craftivity inspired by one I saw on Amy’s blog!  I used a writing prompt from a book: Love is…
*Love is the journey not the true feeling.  {From a 7 year old!!!}
*Love is when my dad makes me pancakes and when we watch movies together.
*Love is when my teacher throws us a party. {hehe}
*Love is when you give your sister a hug.

I put these cuties on my door, with a BIG title:
I tried to get a pic of the whole door, but they weren’t coming out right.  You get the idea!! 🙂

I really love the answers that my firsties came up with, so I want to turn them into a class book…  Enter the freebie!
This is one of three covers offered… and here are two writing examples:
I’ll be making these with my kiddos this week!  If you want to make a *lovely* class book of your own, grab your freebie {HERE}!!

Now go fill your heart at Miss Kinder’s blog 🙂

If you’re still here… I wanted to let you know that I decided to bundle my fonts!  I added 8 new fonts to my collection, and put them together with the previous 8… for a total of 16!!  They’re now available in my TpT shop!  Here’s a look at the new ones:

Click the pic if you’re interested in learning more! 🙂

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