Let me start by saying…
Happy Holidays!!!!!!!
{Wishing everyone a Merry Holiday & a Happy New Year}

I don’t know about you guys, but break = love.  So excited to be on day two of holiday break… and it’s Christmas Eve, so some presents are coming my way tonight 😉  I do love presents!  Hehe.

On Wed. and Thurs. at school, we basically just celebrated all.day.long.  Can’t complain about that!  We made our sugar cone trees… but I was too lazy to make the frosting green, so our trees were snowy instead:
{yum yum in my tum tum}
I think they came out looking fabulous, and the kids enjoyed it.  It didn’t take as long as I would have hoped, haha, so next year I think I will have the kids make two: one to eat now, and one to eat later.

We also made quickie treat bags to hold cards and candy canes from friends:
{topper idea found on Pinterest}
We made these while we watched The Polar Express.  I love that movie.  I love Tom Hanks.  I had this super cute idea locked away in the back of my head to do after watching the movie, but of course it was buried too deep and I completely forgot about it until I was on my way home for the holidays:
{Not sure where I found this pic… if you know, let me know}
In case you can’t see the writing, the idea is to put the bells into the freezer, have someone run into your classroom after you finish the movie, and say they found these freeeezing bells that must be straight from the North Pole.  The kids will jingle the bells, and of course, they will hear them ring… Love!  So mad at myself for forgetting!!!  Ah well, next year.

In other news, I just set up my new Pinterest account, so if you’d like to follow me {love ya} you can clickity-click this little button:
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Once again, enjoy the holidays!!!!

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