Please forgive me, but this post is going to be quick… I am EXHAUSTED!  Hopefully you can use the following tip… which actually has to do with losing pencils, not Chex Mix. {I hope you know the commercial I’m referencing, or else I might just sound crazy comparing Chex Mix and pencils… anyways!!}

In my classroom, pencils are eaten lost all the time.  It’s enough to have to deal with our community pencils disappearing {the ones in the “sharp/not sharp” buckets}, but I just can’t take it when my center pencils are missing, too {the ones I keep in my center supply baskets}.  To help prevent this, I decided to label those pencils:
 I simply wrapped some decorative tape around the eraser-end of the pencils.  Now my kiddos know that the taped pencils MUST go back in the center bins!  They are not free for the taking!!  So far, so good 🙂

Okay, I did say this would be quick!  I’m off to pass out!  Sweet dreams!!

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