Yesterday I posted about a pumpkin contest at my school.
{See my *winning* Spongebob pumpkin HERE.  Hehehe}
I mentioned that my pumpkin exploded last year…
Well, I found pictures!!!  I know you’re super excited to see 😉
It was going to be a mouse or a bunny or something… clearly it wasn’t done and never got finished!  I have no idea WHY it exploded {or imploded}.  I left it at school over the weekend and returned to the above mess on Monday morning.  Pumpkin guts were everywhere, and it smelled really bad.  And it smelled for DAYS.

Needless to say, I didn’t win any awards last year 😉

And on a completely different note…
I made a little freebie.  It’s a simple Candy Corn Roll & Color:
My kiddos love these, and I hope yours do, too!  Click the pic to grab a copy!

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