Last week, I introduced a new math chapter to my kiddos.  We will be working on adding and subtracting numbers to 20!  Our first strategy is to add by making a 10.  I quickly realized that some of my kiddos needed a little making 10 refresher, so I whipped up a “Rainbow to 10” anchor chart:
This idea comes from First Grade Garden!

My kiddos were fascinated by the rainbow… hey, whatever works, right?!  Of course, I had them help me fill in the numbers and create the addition sentences.  They did a great job!  But since this weekend was a long one, I thought we could use another refresher tomorrow:
I printed and laminated the above poster and plan on displaying it, as well as making it available for kiddos to use in small groups.  I’m also making b&w copies for my students to color and keep in their folders and/or take home.  Aaand, I turned the poster into a worksheet for extra reinforcement:
Want to do this activity with your kiddos?  You can grab your free copy on Google Docs {HERE}!  For even more practice, head to The Littlest Scholars and pick up Jessica’s freebies… her post inspired me, and I’ll be using her worksheets, too! 🙂

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