Today I am dusting off the old blog and stopping in for a visit!  I am so excited to share my new summarizing unit with you.  My kids love summarizing with SWBST (somebody, wanted, but, so, then) and I hope your kids will, too!

Let’s Summarize is jam PACKED with goodies to help your little ones master the art of summarizing.  I get giddy just looking at all the fun and colorful stuff on the cover!!

Speaking of colorful… I decided to completely color code SWBST.  I thought it would be helpful for my kiddos to recognize each part if they were also associated with a color.  So far, so good!  Throughout the pack, the posters, cards and examples use the same colors: pink (somebody), purple (wanted), blue (but), green (so), and orange (then).

I created an anchor chart story to help students understand the meaning behind SWBST:

I think most people have heard the story of the princess and her frog prince, so I used that as my example!  After I introduce the posters, I model how to put the information into a quick summary using complete sentences.

Next, I like to pull a favorite book out of my collection and read it to my class.  I used Click, Clack, Peep!  Then we use the color coded SWBST cards to write important information as a whole group.  I stress that at this point, it’s okay not to use complete sentences:

Again, I show my firsties how to put the information together (they help make the sentences longer by adding in little bits of information that they remember from the story).  After the summary is complete, I underline the sentences- color coded, of course!- to show each part of SWBST: 

To give my littles more practice, I created printables with 8 original passages.  On each page, students can read the story, and then go back and “highlight” the important parts using… the color code, of course! 🙂
I also created two interactive notebook pages.  Students can color the flap appropriately and write the important questions under the flaps (somebody – who is the main character? etc.): 
The second page has the important questions already printed, so kiddos can use it to summarize a story on their own (not pictured).  There is also a generic summarizing sheet in the pack (not pictured)!

I also included a little craftivity in this pack… are you surprised?!  It’s a flip book craft, and there is space for students to summarize a story in pictures or words underneath.  I just love it!!
If you like what you see here, you can grab Let’s Summarize in my TpT shop!!  I hope you love it!! 🙂

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