Yikes!  Breaking bloggy rules: two posts in one night… but I found a mistake in my lucky charms unit on TpT.  Apparently I thought “leprechaun” was spelled “leprOchaun.”  So if you purchased it, please re-download!  I *think* I sent an update to anyone who purchased it.  And if you want to purchase, the problem is fixed, so have no fear!
Now onto the freebie!  I made a little How to Catch a LeprEchaun worksheet… emphasis on that E:
There’s a catch though!  You have to follow me on Facebook to get the link, as it’s on my page 🙂  Sorry for the bribe, but I’m trying to be cool and update on Facebook!  Click on one of these Facebook links to get to my page, or click the cool button over there to the left!


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