This week is a short one, and next week we have spring break, so we aren’t reading one of our Treasures stories.  Instead, my students and I have been doing a lot of math, science, and social studies… plus having some fun as we decorate our room for April 🙂

Today I planned to do something completely different, but when I realized I left my baseball buddy patterns at home, I had to think fast.  I remembered seeing a super cute and easy activity while blog stalking: Namebow Rainbows from Reagan at Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits!

I quickly made a cloud pattern and cut strips of colorful construction paper during snack time.  As a class we brainstormed adjectives for each letter of the alphabet.  When we were done, we chose adjectives for each letter of our first names.  Here’s mine:

I’d show you pics of our completed projects, but I don’t want to put my littles’ names out there and such.  I have them hanging along our clothesline.  They are so CUTE and COLORFUL, and are just PERFECT for Parents’ Night in a few weeks!  Thank you Reagan!!!

We also made these beyond-super-easy carrots to fill up some empty space {and time}:
Click here to download the simple pattern from Google Docs for free.  I only ask that you leave some love below 🙂

Pssst: Only 13 more followers until 1000!!!  I’m in the process of planning my big, big giveaway, yay!

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