Halloween is this week, and I finally finished my newest craftivity, Little Witch Kids!  Better late than never, right?!  Hopefully there are some procrastinators and last minute planners out there 😉

If you’re looking for one more FUN and CUTE Halloween project to do this year, maybe this witchy craft is it!  There are three craft options, and a bunch of activities included.  I found my inspiration from my best-selling Elf Magic pack and other “little kids” crafties!

You can make little witches:
Or even littler witches:
And you can make witch feet, too:
There are four writing options:

And six activities for your kiddos to enjoy this week:

If you’d like to squeeze this pack into your Halloween plans, head on over to my TpT shop!  Little Witch Kids {Craftivities & Printables} is on SALE for the rest of today and tomorrow, in honor of my procrastination 😉

I’d love to hear what you think!  I hope you’re in LOVE! 🙂

Have a HAPPY Sunday!!!

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