Spring Break is being really good to my creativity… I have so many ideas!!  I put together this sweet treat for Mother’s Day, and I’d love to share it with you (and your littles’ moms)!

TpT or TN

In the cherry I put a “mom” word card… but in the packet there are also cards for “grandma” and “aunt.”  I find that you *never know* so I wanted to include a few options.

In the colorful sprinkles are a bunch of adjectives to describe mom/grandma/aunt.  I included 17 different sprinkle adjective sheets that you can print off onto colored paper AND a blank sprinkle sheet, if you’d rather your littles write in their own adjectives!  The “I love you with a cherry on top” triangle is also included 🙂

If you’d like to purchase {a mother’s day craftivity} to mom, with a cherry on top, please visit my TpT or TN shops!  It’s just $2.00 🙂

And here’s a Mother’s Day freebie for you:

Head to TpT to download it!

Now onto an Eastery recap!  On Thursday morning, we had a spring parade (we took a stroll around the school) and we needed some bonnets.  I kept it simple, and had my kiddos color in an Easter egg pattern that I got from a book.  They glued it onto construction paper for durability, and then I helped them turn it into a hat:
Very simple, but very cute!!

On Thursday, we also completed some Bunny Mallows graphing (blog post or TpT freebie):

Don’t know why this is upside down!
And went on our hippity hoppin’ hunt (blog post or TpT freebie), which led us to this:
I spotted the mazes at Dollar Tree the day before and quickly remembered a cute Valentine’s Day gift idea I’d seen on Pinterest (oh, Pinterest, how I love you so).  I snatched up the last four bags of mazes, went home, typed up a quick card, and attached the mazes:
Easy!  And it can be adapted for any holiday!!

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