Yesterday was the judging of the pumpkin contest, and today they announced the winners {talk about suspense!}.  We thought it was one winner per grade level, but then we found out it was per floor.  It was me against all the first and second grade classes.

And… Well…

I WON!!!!!!!!!!

We jumped, we cheered, we screamed
It was a GREAT end to our day!
Okay, okay.  Want to see my pumpkin?
Meet Stitch! 🙂
I was inspired by a pumpkin I found on a Google search.

Among the competitors: a super cute Frankenstein and a bee-utiful bee!
These belong to my teaching besties, including my girl Michelle from Just Wild About Teaching!  She will be posting more pumpkin pics, so stop by a little later to see them!

Besides painting pumpkins, we’ve been decorating up a storm in and out of our room!  Take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed over the last few weeks:
I share this bulletin board with Michelle {we’re neighbors!}.  The ghosts with writing are hers, and the ghosts with legs are mine!  And if you’re wondering why there are four dots and four exclamation points… it’s because the letters weren’t centered, and it was driving me nuts!!! Haha 🙂
I got the inspiration for these ghouls on Pinterest, but I never pinned it… now I can’t find it again!  If these cuties are yours, pleeease let me know so I can credit you 🙂

We also made some adorable pumpkins thanks to Amy Lemons:
They’re hanging along a clothesline in my classroom!
Frankie hangs on the other line:
No Halloween is complete without bats!  These projects line the walls outside of my classroom:
And last but certainly not least:
Monsters!!  These munchkins are from Miss Kindergarten {love her}!  I am decorating our door with the monsters for another contest.  They aren’t done yet– they still need teeth– but boy are they CUTE!

That’s it for my Halloween crafting!  I hope you enjoyed the tour 🙂

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