The problem:
My classroom library is neat and organized, and every book is in it’s place.
…Until my kiddos start borrowing books from the library.
Then dinosaurs make friends with Santa and animals go to space!

The solution:
 Handy library sticks in a cute new library stick holder!

{I posted about these sticks here and the original idea came from here.}
The sticks {how many times can I say sticks in this post?} are actually free paint sticks from Home Depot!  Hubs drilled the hole and I spray painted them with glittery silver, added ribbon, and hot glued my classroom numbers onto them:

My little ones are each assigned a student number at the beginning of the year.  They know to take the library stick with their number on it and put it in place of the book they are borrowing.  The sticks are tall, bright, and they stand out.  Now my kiddos always know where to return books!  It’s a miracle!!

I used to hang the sticks on a hook, but it was hard to get one without knocking others down.  I found the solution to that problem just the other day when I used up the last of my powdered iced tea mix!  The container is just the right size.  Here is what I used to fancy it up:

{Lipton iced tea container, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, ribbon, cutting tools, and hot glue.}

 Remove the Lipton wrapper.  Cut your paper to size {you will need two strips, because the paper won’t go all the way around} and Mod Podge it on!  I actually used four strips of paper because I used two different designs.  I also put a layer of Mod Podge over the paper for a nice finish.  Then I hot glued ribbon around the middle and added my “library sticks” label.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!! 😉

10.  That’s how many times I said “stick/s” in this post.  Actually, now it’s 11 🙂
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