Hello my friends!  I hope everyone had a happy and safe July 4th!  I’m linking up with two fab linkies today!  I’m a little late for both, but hey!  It’s summer!  Who really knows what day it is, anyway?!  😉

First up is my July Currently, courtesy of Farley:
The TV is always on at my house, so this is big for me!  I am going to turn it on when I’m done posting to watch my DVR’d soap operas!

I just love summer!  No alarms, sleeping late, what day is it?

I should probably get something done today, but I don’t think I’m going to!! Haha!

There is always one food item in my Currently… Doesn’t a chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles sound AMAZING right now?!  It’s 100 degrees here in good ole Jersey!  Maybe that’s what I’ll do today: go to Dairy Queen 😉

I’m road trippin’ down to SC in like a minute and I haven’t done any shopping yet!  I need to hit up a mall in the next few days!!

I have a ton of books that I love to read to my kiddos, but the one that always pops into my head is Giraffes Can’t Dance.  I just love giraffes, and I just love the message in this book.  And while I was perusing the Kohl’s Cares website, I came across this:
It was on SALE for $2.50 each piece!!  So I ordered it right up for a whopping $5 plus tax and shipping… I think it came to $7.  Deal!

As for teacher reads, I don’t have any to share!  I read teaching blogs! 🙂

For my second link up, here is my Made It Monday, courtesy of Tara:
Notice anything?  Perhaps a cute little white and orange paw?  That’s my buddy Jack 😉
These letters were really easy to make:
*Trace the wood letters onto the paper of your choice.
*Carefully cut the paper letters out.
*Use a foam brush to Mod Podge the wood letter; place your paper letter on top.
*Once your paper letter is Mod Podged in place, use the foam brush to but a layer of Mod Podge over the top of the paper for a shiny finish!
*{Optional} Add colorful buttons with hot glue.

And there you have it!  Two linkies, one post 🙂  I’m off to watch those soap operas now!

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