Friday is here again!  On Monday, it seems so far… but now that it’s here, it seems like it came so quickly!  But enough rambling 🙂  Time to link up with Five for Friday!
Girl inspired by Scrappin Doodles!
Today my kiddos and I continued our discussion about weather… specifically, we talked about the people who study & predict it.  We made this anchor chart so we don’t forget what we learned!  I did make a sloppy copy first, and then stayed after school {like a looney toon on a Friday} to pretty it up!  I can’t wait for my littles to see the new, completed version on Monday.  They saw me starting to draw it during my prep period and they were VERY interested 🙂
We also worked on a simple writing craft as part of Fun Friday.  This was my sample… I’m lucky to have a great class! 🙂
Earlier this week, I put up a March bulletin board using last week’s Fun Friday projects.  Usually Michelle helps, but the poor girl has no preps on Monday’s!   The rest of these cuties are hanging up along the wall outside our classrooms.

Here’s a closer look at one of my leapin’ leprechauns:
To catch a leprechaun I would leave a trail of green apple punch and get the gold.  My little friend here also informed me that leprechauns like to drink whiskey… I thought it best to leave that part OFF of the writing prompt 🙂
Back to weather… Sometimes I have so many books that I want to display {for holidays, themes, etc.} that I run out of room on my magnetic display shelves.  My solution: magnet men! They’re super strong, and are perfect for holding up floppy books on any magnetic surface!

And last but not least:  Today it SNOWED.  Everything was covered in about 4 inches of snow when I woke up, and it was still coming down throughout the day.  We did have school, so I made my way outside with my beloved cupcake umbrella!  It’s a clear bubble umbrella with little cupcakes all over it.  LOVE!  Almost makes being outside in the snow/rain a little more bearable 🙂

That’s it for my Five!  Be sure to link up and/or check out the others!! 🙂

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