A little while ago I wrote a post about how I organize my centers… the ones that are “in use.”  Now I thought I’d share how I store the whole kit ‘n kaboodle!

If you have a ton of literacy and math center packs like I do, then you know that organizing them all can be a *little* overwhelming.  There are so many pieces: recording sheets, task cards, sorting mats… To keep it all together {and to keep myself sane}, I use clear, poly envelopes.  I print out the cover page and pop it in the front of the envelope so I know which pack I’m looking at:

Inside of the envelope, I have master copies of any recording sheets that go with the centers from the pack.  This way, I can just pull them out and send them to be copied when I’m ready to use a center.  I then separate the pieces of the different centers into little Ziploc baggies:

Each baggie contains the cards or sorting mats needed to complete one center, as well as a mini copy of the directions page {I print four to a page}:

When it’s time to use an activity, I will take it out of the poly envelope, out of the Ziploc baggie, and transfer the pieces into our supply baskets.  The activities stay in the basket all week, and the baskets rotate from group to group throughout the week.

Read more about these baskets and the rotation {here}!

I’d love to hear about how you keep yourself organized!  I’m always looking for new ideas 🙂

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