I’m over Valentine’s Day, so when I returned to school Monday morning, I took down the reds and pinks and put up some green.  The hearts came down, and the shamrocks went up.

We had some free time Monday {we don’t have a special on Mondays and we get a lot done and we still have time to spare} so my kiddos crafted a bit for March!

We made these colorful darlings:

And I hung them by the window so they’d flow in the breeze:
I added glitter to the shamrocks because, let’s face it, glitter makes everything better!  And it hides roughly cut edges 🙂  I got the streamers from Dollar Tree.  There were two of each color in a pack, so $4 later, I have enough streamers to make this project for the next 5 years.  Really, I do!

On Wednesdays, my class has a double special {meaning double prep!}, back to back, the last two periods of the day.  The first is study skills, and since it’s at an awkward time of the day, their time is usually spent eating snack, packing up, and completing extra spelling work in between.  I thought I’d change things up a bit for them {and their study skills teacher}, and assign something fun!

First they had to complete this writing prompt:
And then follow the directions and my sample to create a leapin’ leprechaun:
Okay, I’m not going to lie, I stuck around until the class was finished with the project 🙂  Then I spent my second prep hanging them up so I could admire their super cute work!

Hope everyone is having fun as you shop ’til you drop at TpT today!!  Sale’s almost over, so fill up that cart now! 😉

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