Meet Silly McGilly, the newest way to bring fun, excitement and learning to your classroom during the month of March!  

Silly McGilly is a friendly leprechaun who loves visiting classrooms to play fun little tricks on children throughout the St. Patrick’s Day season.  Isn’t he too cute?!

Here’s how Silly McGilly’s magic works:  read his story, then place his doll in the window on the night your classroom is ready for a trick to be played.   This is the invitation for the “real” Silly McGilly to come and visit you.  The next morning, your students will delight in seeing what shenanigans Silly McGilly has been up to while they were home!

The magic of Silly McGilly is as limitless as your imagination!!  And just in case your imagination runs into a roadblock, the website offers tons of fun tricks to play at home or in the classroom!
You can purchase your own copy of Silly McGilly HERE… or you can enter to WIN a copy using the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!!

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