Last year, I made snowman ornaments with my class as parent gifts.  They were a huge hit among the kiddos and their families, so I decided to make ’em again! 🙂  I just love them, and they are so easy to make!

Here’s a peek at the final product:

If you want to make these little guys, here’s what you need:
*a package or two of iridescent decorating shred
{I used 1 pkg for 22 ornaments}
*hot glue
*pipe cleaners
*pom poms
*clear plastic ornaments
*Sharpie paint pens in orange & black {not shown}
*pencil {not shown}

Pull apart enough decorating shred to fill the ornament.  You will need to stuff it into the ornament using something… I used the eraser side of a pencil.  Once filled, pop the top back on the ornament.  I actually did this part for my students because it was just quicker.

Next, have your kiddos come up one-by-one or in small groups to draw a nose, eyes, and mouth onto the snowman with the Sharpie paint pens.  You can also add student names and the year to the back of the ornament.
The last step is to hot glue the earmuffs to the ornament.  This is certainly a job for you… just let your littles choose their colors!  To make the earmuffs, cut the pipe cleaner in half and glue the ends to either side of the ornament.  Then glue the poms over the ends of the pipe cleaner.

Once completed, your little snowmen will need a place to call home {aka: a gift bag}.  I picked up some snowflake cello bags from Dollar Tree and popped the ornaments inside.  Then I attached a gift tag that reads, “I love you SNOW much!”

I added this freebie tag to my Facebook page!  Just visit my page, and click on the “Fan Freebies” tab!  You will need to like my FB page in order to access the freebie! 🙂

I’m off to finish my Christmas shopping!  Have a great night!

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