…’nuff said.

For Fun Friday, we made Reagan’s Rainbow Namebows!  We started by creating a gigantic list of adjectives, about 4 to 5 for each letter {except a few really difficult letters}.  Then, we put it all together!

My kiddos helped me make mine by shouting out the adjectives they wanted me to use.  My favorite of their choices: adorable 🙂  Love!

Yesterday I stopped in at Dollar Tree for my end of the year gifts.  I gave these krazy straw bottles to my group last year, with a packet of Kool Aid and a cute tag.  I had to do it again this year, because they loved them!  Back during the first week of school, one of my students from last year found me to show me that he had the bottle with him!  So sweet 🙂  Check out the completed gift {here}.
I spotted this plaque at Francesca’s, and for $8, I had to have it!  I just *love* the saying!!  They are available on the site, as well as a CUTE chevron teacher mug that I just.might.need. next!

Check out what others have been up to this week, or link up!!

Have a great weekend!!! 🙂

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