I’m so excited to be trick-or-treating with the gals at Freebie-licious!
Thank you for joining in on the fun!!

If you don’t know about the party, join us now!!  Grab my freebie below, then follow the link to the next, and the next… until you collect all the treats! 🙂

I’m sharing a little pack that will help your kiddos with number sense:

It’s a November themed roll and color!
Here are two examples from the pack:

Your kiddos will:
*roll one die
*roll one die, add one
*roll one die, add two
*roll one die, subtract one
*roll two die, count the dots

Grab your freebie from my TpT shop!
Please let me know what you think 🙂

Next stop: trick-or-treating at Annie’s place!

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