As I’ve said a gazillion times, fall is my favorite!!  I especially LOVE October… my birthday is in October {two weeks from today, actually!} and Halloween, too!!  I’ve already started decorating my house for Halloween.  Too soon? 😉

This year, I added a special new item to my Halloween decor:  a countdown calendar!  It just might be my favorite decoration, yet!
On Friday night, I got together with my mom-in-law and sister-in-law for a little craft night.  We were inspired by this pin, and went to JoAnn’s to pick up our supplies.  We headed back to my house and got our craft on!

If you want to make your own countdown calendar, this is what you’ll need:
*cookie sheet
*calendar counting back from 30 {I quickly made one in Word}
*3 pieces of coordinating 12×12″ scrapbook paper
*various Halloween stickers
*mini magnets

I wish I took picture of the steps, but it completely slipped my mind!  Basically, I mod-podged the colorful scrapbook paper {cut to size} onto the cookie sheet, and then added the countdown calendar on top:
I also added some stickers {the October 31st strip, and Happy Halloween} along the top and bottom.  The spiders are sticker-magnets, so I can move them around!

Once all your paper is mod-podged to the cookie sheet, you’ll need to choose 30 different Halloween stickers to use to cover the calendar:
I won’t lie, using the stickers from the craft store can get expensive!  It cost me abot $30 for all of my supplies.  I think the end result was totally worth the cost, though!  You could probably print Halloween shapes onto cardstock for the same effect {and for less money}.  Anywho, when you have all your shapes ready, pop a mini magnet on the back:
Since I used stickers, there was an extra step involved:  some of the stickers were sticky all over, so I had to back them with scrapbook paper, cut them out, and then put the magnet on.  Others only had a small foam sticky on the back, which was easily covered by the magnet.  When all of your shapes are magnetized, place them over the numbers on the calendar, and you’re all done!!

Now I have the cutest {in my opinion} countdown calendar ever!!  On October 1st, I will remove the first magnet to reveal the number “30,” and I’ll keep counting down from there:
Here is a picture of all three of our countdown calendars:
I just love how they turned out!!  We plan on making another set for Christmas 😉  And maybe even a countdown to summer vacation!!  Seriously, they are THAT cute!  What do you think!?

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