To start, I’ve eaten more choco-bananas and empanadas today than I’d like to admit {deeelicious}… more on that later! 🙂  This week was a busy one, and today was especially so.!!!  I’m going to sit back and let pictures do *most* of the talking.

Word at school today was that a Leprechaun was on the loose.  He was tiny and fast!  But one of my littles managed to catch a glimpse of him jumping over the fence into the courtyard {isn’t that somethin’? lol}.  I never saw him, but the Leprechaun did leave us this:

Which led us on a treasure hunt around our classroom:
There were seven clues in all.  Here’s Lucky #7:
That sneaky Leprechaun hid his treasure under my desk!!
He was kind enough to leave us *rainbow* Skittles & *gold* Rolos!  I posted these and a few other labels for free on my TBA guest post a couple weeks ago.   The Leprechaun I got the “treasure hunt” idea from The Crafting Chicks.  I altered their clues and made my own clue sheets, following their example.  🙂  They are available for FREE in my TpT shop!

Speaking of St. Pat’s, earlier in the month we made these:
I have them hanging up, but you can attach a “band” to them and have your kiddos wear ’em!  

And today we munched on these:

This week was also Cultural Awareness Week.  We do it up big at my school!  Last year I had my students complete a poster project, but this year I did it differently.  I made up a schedule, and each day something else was due and presented.

On Monday students presented a fact sheet and described a show-and-tell object.  On Tuesday they showed us their flags and spoke about the colors, etc.:
On Wednesday, students could dress up.  They also brought in a paper doll {traced onto oaktag} that was dressed in traditional clothing.  Here are some of my favorites:
I believe these ladies are from Dominican Republic and Peru.  Love the dresses!!
And these gentleman are from Mexico and Colombia.  Don’t you just love that mustache?!  And the guitar??!  Too cute!!

On Thursday students presented an interview they did with someone born in another country… they asked the questions and I played whoever they interviewed.  I played moms, cousins, grandmas… even one grandma’s boyfriend!!  The kids got a kick out of that one 😉

And finally today was our Cultural Awareness Feast.  I’m pretty sure this day is almost as anticipated as Christmas Break among my teacher friends.  The food is amazing!!  Hence how I started this blog post… with choco-bananas and empanadas.  Yummy in my tummy!

How was your week?  I’d love to know 🙂  I’m off to {hopefully} take a nap!  Happy weekend!!

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