If you’ve ever perused Martha Stewart’s website, or read one of her magazines, you know that she dedicates a few pages to “Good Things.”  I always enjoyed reading those pages, so I thought I’d start a little Good Things post on here 🙂  I intended to do it yesterday {Good Things Thursday} but I was at school until 9 last night!  It was Parents’ Night… more on that another time!  So anyway, I’m going to do it now!!  Here are some good things from this week 🙂

{1} Our class had a cupcake party today:
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember this post about incentives.  We have a class bucket that we fill with fuzzies when our class is caught being good.  I purposely set it up so that we will fill it up four times a year… shhh, don’t tell my class!  Fill it up once, earn a popcorn party; twice, a cookie party; three times, a cupcake party; four times, an ice cream party.  Well, we finally made it to #3, and had our cupcake party today!! I printed and laminated the sign above {which you can DL for free here}, and used it to decorate the cupcake station that I set up:
Six different toppings!
Three frosting choices, and unfrosted Funfetti cupcakes!
I let my little ones decorate their own cupcakes… They LOVED it!!!
They LOVE me!!  And I LOVE them!!  I have an awesome class. 🙂

{2} I love my new summer countdown sign:
Isn’t it so presh?!  My beautiful friend Hadar made it for me, and I love every second of it!  I have it hanging front and center in my classroom.  My little ones love it too!!

{3} I received my Teacher Blogger Exchange gift this week:
Ummm, how cute is this box?!
Jenny from Teaching in Sixth Grade made these for me and I.love.them.  Three clay pots, painted with chalkboard paint {!!!}, and decorated in my favorite classroom colors!!  Jenny figured that since I craft a lot with my kiddos I could put them to good use and she was RIGHT!!  And the chalkboard paint allows me to change how I label them.  Thank you so much, girl!!!

I’d show you a picture of what I sent, but I accidentally broke it and had to start over!! 🙁 Of course I emailed my recipient {and sent her a picture of the project before I broke it just in case she didn’t believe me LOL!} and I started over with something new.  I’m almost done, girl!  😉

And that’s it for my Good Things post… I enjoyed writing it, I hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂  Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!!!!

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