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I’d like to introduce you to my new behavior reward system:
But before I get into it, let’s backtrack a little!

You might remember that, just about three weeks ago, I decided to change up my behavior system.  Flipping cards wasn’t working with my group anymore, plus it focused too much on negative behavior, so I made the switch to the clip chart.
I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the clipping up and down, but I have to say, I am *loving* it… and so are my kiddos!  Most are doing everything possible to clip UP, even my behaviors!  {Click HERE to check out the chart!}

When they clip up, kiddos receive tickets {green = 1, blue = 2, purple = 3, pink = 4 and a jewel}.  I keep the tickets in these colorful pouches that I found at Staples:
At the end of each week {okay, on Mondays because Fridays seems to fly!} we count up our tickets and turn them in for prizes!  That’s where my new reward system comes in!  I had two 3-drawer mini containers and picked up another one to complete the look.  I numbered each drawer with fun scrapbooking stickers 1 to 9, and filled the drawers with prizes!
I tried to separate the prizes by “worth,” or by what I thought would be more popular.  I also didn’t want to make the good prizes too “easy” to earn!  For example, here’s a list of what’s currently in each drawer {#1 is one ticket, #2 is two tickets…}:

*1 = stickers and magnets {the drawer needs a refill!}
*2 = special pencils
*3 = fun erasers
*4 = bracelets, frogs
*5 = sparkly bracelets, sticky lizards
*6 = mini koosh balls
*7 = poppers, bouncy balls
*8 = stampers
*9 = finger skateboards, kazoos, mini flutes

I order new prizes each summer through places like Rhode Island Novelty, and I also pick things up here and there from Dollar Tree or Target.
If kiddos earn 10 tickets, they can take a look through the coupon book:
Some kids turn in a few tickets for little prizes, but I see that a lot of them are practicing patience and saving tickets to get in the book!  They love to choose things like Furry Friend {bring a stuffed friend to school} or Move It! Move It! {10 minute dance party for the class}.  This coupon book has fun, easy rewards, and it will end up saving me money as more and more kids start saving tickets to take a look inside!

And last but not least, when kiddos clip up to the top of the chart, Super Student, they earn jewels on their clips.  Once they earn five jewels, their clip moves to the Hall of Fame {or “Wall of Fame” as some of my cuties keep saying}.
They are trying really, really hard to get up there 🙂
The Hall of Fame idea comes from First Grade Glitter and Giggles
Phew, that was a lot!!  I hope I’ve given you some great ideas!!

I’m linking up with Monday Made It!

Now I have some Chinese food calling my name… sweet & sour chicken, yum!  XoXo!!

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