The first day of school is a busy, busy day filled with learning about each other, collecting/handing out supplies, and teaching procedures. I always try to make it as special as possible for my students by completing fun projects in between all the “business” of the day.


One of my faaaavorite activities is making magic bracelets with my kiddos! I used to make magic play-doh but it involves some prep. The bracelets are suuuper simple to make, you only need a few supplies, and you don’t need to prep much at all ahead of time.

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Supplies for magic bracelets

A set of 1000 magic beads is more than enough for your class. Each student will need about 20-25 or so beads. I like to separate the beads into little cups or containers beforehand. I’m not sure where the pictured containers are from, but these plastic cups with lids would work just as well. It’s also a good idea to use craft trays to help prevent rolling beads, but it’s not necessary.

Pipe cleaners are perfect for making these bracelets– you can use colorful or white stems, it’s up to you!  The pipe cleaners are thick and hold the pony beads so they won’t roll off the other end. 

making magic bracelets

When the beads are separated and everyone has what they need, let the beading begin! Both of my girls (5 and 2.5) did a wonderful job making their own bracelets! I had my almost kindergartener count the beads as she went along.

Once enough beads are on the stems, twist the two ends closed and snip any extra length. I like to leave a little bit of space around the wrist so it’s easier for my kiddos to slide the bracelets on/off, but not so loose that they fall off. Then just tuck the ends of the pipe cleaners in so that the pointy part doesn’t stick out.

Magic beads

Now if you’re wondering what makes these white bead bracelets so magical… the beads are actually color changing UV beads!! They change colors when outside in the sunlight, just like magic!

But, before you spill the big secret with your students, have them predict what they think will happen with the beads. I created a Magic Bracelets mini pack that includes a poem, a prediction and results sheet, and a cute color-and-write craft! 

Once all predictions are in, it’s time for some magic!

Now you can read the Magic Bracelets poem (included in the mini pack) or simply tell your students, “If your bracelets change color, it means we’re going to have a GREAt year!” If allowed, take your students for a little walk outside. If not, you can wait until after school and they can report back.

I’ve done this project right at the end of the day so it’s fresh on my students’ minds as they are dismissed. The next day they come back and are SO excited to report the results! Some students continue to wear the bracelets day after day, others twist them onto backpacks, and EVERYONE loves it! 🙂

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