Get these reading comprehension passages for K – 2nd, each of which focuses on one sound to help your students excel at reading!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to read, so it only makes sense that one of my favorite subjects to teach is reading! Watching new readers become confident readers is one of the best parts about teaching. And when students LOVE to read? ????????

So much goes into teaching little learners how to read. What if I told you I had a resource that would help both you and your students?

These reading comprehension passages help build phonemic awareness, fluency, and comprehension in little readers.

Phonics Reading Comprehension Passages

These reading comprehension passages are just what you need to help your kiddos become better readers! Each passage focuses on one sound. They help build phonemic awareness, fluency, and comprehension in little readers.

What’s Included

Each page practices a targeted phonics skill (indicated in the top right corner). And each page follows the same format so that students understand what is expected of them every time.

For each worksheet, students will:

⭐️read the story three times and color a star to keep track of their reading

⭐️answer comprehension questions and highlight the evidence in the story with crayon

⭐️ look at the pictures and sequence the events.

An example from my short vowel reading comprehension packet for K - 2nd.

Each page also includes a BONUS, with questions ranging from making inferences about the story to telling a joke on the back.

How to Use Them

These pages can be used as bell ringers, fast finisher activities, homework, or as part of your reading/writing centers. You can assign them to the class as a whole, or individually if you have a student who is struggling with a particular phonics skill.

The best part is that you can print these ahead of time and simply hand them out as needed!

These one-page reading passages for K - 2nd focus on developing phonics skills.

Get the Bundle!

The bundle includes all four of my Reading Comprehension sets:

  • Short vowels
  • Long vowels
  • Blends & digraphs
  • Vowel teams

To see a complete list of the letter groups in each comprehension set, visit my Phonics Reading Comprehension Passages product page.

Bundle and SAVE! You can have access to ALL 128 comprehension passages in one place when you grab the bundle!

This bundle includes four sets that teach phonics skills: short vowels, long vowels, blends & digraphs, and vowel teams.
Reading Comprehension Passages for K - 2nd 1

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