One of my favorite topics to tackle is classroom management. Over the years I’ve tried many tricks… some of them were flops, and others were great additions to my classroom! I won’t be sharing the flops, but I love to share tried-and-true classroom management hacks with you!

Using picture direction cards is one of those tricks that WORKS. They help eliminate those “What do I do??” questions and give your students the visual cues they need to follow directions independently! These colorful cards will show your little ones what steps they should take to complete an assignment.

Picture Direction Cards for Classroom Management

There are over 30 visual cues included, from writing names and dates, to tracing, sorting, writing, and turning in work. I’ve also included: over 20 supply cards so you can display the materials students will need; numbers 1-10 so you can list the steps; and four title options (steps/supplies and I can/I need). You’re sure to find the card you need!

Picture Direction Cards for Classroom Management
Picture Direction Cards for Classroom Management 1

Set-up is easy! Print the cards onto cardstock, cut, and laminate for durability. You can add a magnet to the back to use on a chalkboard or other magnetic surface! (These magnetic dots are perfect for this.)

You can find these direction cards in my shop!

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