Setting up or closing a classroom (depending on when you’re reading this) can be a stressful time of year… but it doesn’t have to be. It can be fun, too! Opening your classroom is a fresh start, a chance to try something new and create a welcoming space for you and your students. And closing your classroom means it’s time for summer break, so what’s not to love about that 😉

Today I’d like to share a tip that has helped me tremendously over the years. It’s not exactly rocket science and I’m sure many of you already do this, but I didn’t think of it my first few times around so hopefully it will help someone out there!

Here’s the first part of this brilliant idea: a classroom set-up supply box!

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What goes inside the box? ANYTHING you might need for decorating your classroom! Prepare your box ahead of time, like when you are closing up your classroom, to make going back easier. (Or if you have a separate batch of supplies specifically for classroom set-up, even better!) Your to-do list will be long enough– you don’t want to add searching for your staple remover to the list.
Here’s a look at what I put inside my supply box. I’ve linked my favorites below each picture so you can easily find something you might need!
stapler (one that opens for tacking) | staples | staple remover | scissors | hole punch
hammer & nails | level (not pictured, but handy for hanging items)

magnet dots | push pin magnets (I have tons of magnets in the red box) | push pins
Command hooks | Stikki Clips (not pictured BUT SO IMPORTANT) | black Sharpies
Now for the second, very important part of this idea: put the box somewhere you can quickly find and access it! Take it from me: putting all your supplies in one box at the back of your closet isn’t going to help you. So, as you’re shoving things in said closet– err, cleaning your classroom– at the end of the year, make sure your supply box is easy to find and easy to grab when you go looking for it in a few months.

I hope this simple tip helps you, whether you’re a veteran teacher or brand new to the game! Feel free to pin the image below to save this post for later or share it with your teacher friends! 🙂

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