One of my favorite quotes declares, “Be the most brilliant color in the box!” …But if you’re talking about a box of ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers, it would be SO hard to choose which one! 

{Okay, twist my arm… just call me Fireball Fuchsia!}
When I opened up this box of vibrant, colorful goodness {courtesy of ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers}, I almost literally drooled.  Come on, I know you teachers feel me!!  There’s just something about crisp, never touched, straight out of the package paper that gives me chills.  And add to that the BRIGHTNESS.  Oh, the possibilities!!!

Aside from the sheer beauty of it, COLOR in the classroom actually accelerates learning and facilitates retention.  I would not enjoy spending six hours a day in a classroom void of color.  Would you??!  And that’s why I’m joining ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers to show how I use color as a learning tool.
The ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers are not only bright and cheerful, but they are great quality too; the weight is not as thin as regular paper, but not as thick as card stock… making projects durable yet easy to cut!  I ran them through my printer with ease, and was able to trim my pieces to perfection without straining my cutting hand. 🙂

For my project, I decided to play off an idea you might have seen on my blog before: Rainbow to 10.  It’s a tool I use in math to help my kiddos remember all the ways to get to ten!  I whipped up a little craftivity to go with the concept.  Then, I picked out the perfect colors to make my rainbow:  Re-Entry Red, Cosmic Orange, Solar Yellow, Martian Green, Lunar Blue, and Venus Violet {pictured above}.
Voila!  A seriously vibrant Rainbow to 10!  Kiddos just have to follow the rainbow to make ten.  For example, if they follow the yellow, they’ll see that 2 and 8 makes ten {and vice versa}.  The craft is also compact enough to keep in a desk or take-home folder, so kiddos can grab it when they need a little help!

Rainbow to 10 {a Craftivity} is now up in my TpT shop!

To further help reinforce the concept, I created a FREEBIE mini poster and practice sheet:

I also made an anchor chart to keep displayed in the classroom.  Forgive the old picture… it’s so 2013:

I can’t wait to work on this with my firsties!  We are currently practicing addition and subtraction to 40, and it’s becoming quite apparent that we need a making 10 refresher course.  This will be perfect!  I hope you’ll find one, or ALL, of these ideas useful in your classroom, too!  The rainbows are sure to be a hit with your students… I know my kiddos will LOVE them!

Now I’m off to find other fun uses for my new stock of ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers!!  Tell me, how would you use it?!  For some fun inspiration and ideas to COLORIZE your life, head to!

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