I am always looking for new and fun ways to encourage participation and good behavior in my classroom.  I usually have a bunch of different incentives going at any given time (like our Compliment Jar or Secret Star).  But most of those are only relevant in the classroom, which might not be possible this year.  But guess what?  I have an idea that I never shared, that works virtually as well as in person!!
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Yes!  Just because you’re hybrid/virtual/homeschooling doesn’t mean you can’t offer your kiddos incentives!!  Say hello to SUPER STUDENT TICKETS, which can be used in a whole group setting or individually, depending on your situation. For a whole group incentive, I use the Super Student Tickets as a raffle. Kiddos can earn tickets throughout the day or week— the more the better!— and at the end of the week, draw a few names to win something.  It works wonders for class participation and behavior!!  Students are always eager to earn a ticket with their name on it (by raising their hands, following directions, neat handwriting, etc.).
I put the tickets in this cute ticket box.  It’s easy to open and has space for a cute sign.  It comes in 10 colors so you can get one to match your room!  Tickets also come in a variety of colors!
Prizes might be a little different this year, but there are still SO MANY fun options, from choosing a fun Zoom background to wearing something silly or choosing a special book for story time.  Other favorites include bringing a stuffed animal to class, extra break time, and teacher’s helper.
For an individual incentive, kiddos can earn tickets and use them to “buy” prizes.  This works great in the classroom (have students hold onto their tickets and at the end of the week, they can pick a prize based on how many they’ve earned) or even at home with your own little ones!  I won’t lie, I am not above bribing my own kid!  Summer is a virtual first grader and loses focus at times.  She can earn a certain number of tickets per day and turn them in for something at the end of the week.  She loves it!
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