Can you believe it?!  A new school year is upon us!  And to say it’s not a normal year would be an understatement.  Some schools are heading back for face-to-face learning, others are working with a hybrid model (a mix of face-to-face and virtual), and others are going 100% remote.  So, if you find yourself teaching from home for some portion of the school year, it’s important to carve out a comfy and organized space to work!
I’ve compiled a list of my Amazon favorites for teaching from home.  Many of these items would also be great for your children if you are a parent looking to create an at home learning space!
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1. Rolling Cart
I love fun and functional ways to organize all my teacher supplies.  A 3-tier rolling cart is awesome because it holds a ton of stuff and can be moved anywhere you need it!  When you’re done, you can tuck it back into a corner.  Don’t have enough space?  Try a skinny cart!  Same mobile organization in a smaller size.
2. Whiteboard Easel
A whiteboard is a great way to model work for students or work together just like you would in the classroom.  This one comes with an adjustable, foldable easel making it super convenient to move from place to place and hide away when done.  And it’s magnetic!  Who doesn’t love a good magnetic surface?!  This whiteboard has also come in handy for my daughter’s home classroom area.  Check out my Instagram page to see how we use it!
Speaking of magnets… I love these magnet dots for making anything and everything magnetic.  They are perfect for creating moveable pieces and adding to manipulatives.
3. Easel Pads
Anchor charts are such a crucial part of teaching in the classroom.  You can still create anchor charts with your students from home!  These Post-It easel pads can be clipped on your whiteboard easel and then since they are essentially giant Post-It notes, you can stick them on your wall afterwards to refer back to.
4. Mini Bulletin Board
Having a small bulletin board is a great way to bring a little bit of the classroom home!  Decorate it and make a super cute backdrop for your virtual meetings.  I created a Door & Board Decor set with this in mind:
Seriously, how cute?! It’s my experience that kiddos LOVE to see their names in print.  I think creating a display like this–even from home–would be a great way to bring the class together! 🙂
5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Staring at a screen all day can do a number on you–headaches, tired eyes–and the blue light can keep you awake at night (or so they say).  Wearing blue light blocking glasses can reduce the “digital eye strain” and might even help you fall asleep a little faster at night by reducing your exposure to blue light rays.  So, why not wear them?  My prescription lenses have blue light blockers and I can say it does make a difference.  Plus, these are super cute!
6. Ring Light/Phone Stand
A ring light is a magical addition to your home classroom!  It will drastically change the quality of video by creating some amazing lighting.  This one has an adjustable phone holder as well, making it double as a document camera.  Just angle the phone straight down and you’re all set.
7. Lap Desk
If you’re like me, you might do some (most of) your work from the couch.  I don’t actually have a home office as it’s currently a playroom, so… When you’re not on camera and you want to get extra comfy, a lap desk on your couch our bed does the trick.  A perk of working from home! 😉
8. Standing Desk
A sit to stand desk might be more your speed.  This type of desk will adjust from a seated height to a standing height to give you a break from sitting all day.  It could potentially reduce some back pain that may come from sitting so that’s a plus!  
9. Headphones
A good pair of headphones will make a big difference during video chats with your students.  They will help you hear you students better, and your students hear you better.  With their active noice cancellation, AirPods are a great choice.
10. Surge Protector with Charging Ports

With all devices you’ll have to charge or plug in, it’s handy to have an extension cord with multiple outlets and USB ports.  It’s also important to protect your devices from a power surge.  This surge protector does all of the above!

I hope you’ve found something here than can make your distance learning experience a little easier!  I’ve added all of these items to my Amazon storefront, where you can check out my favorite books, mom life items, and more.

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