Teachers everywhere are figuring out how to bring learning into the homes of students, and we are rocking it!  Distance Teaching is currently the new normal, and technology is our biggest and best tool.
While researching ways that I can help, I stumbled upon the Boom Learning website, where you can play Boom Cards.  Boom Cards are interactive digital resources that kiddos can access on tablets, computers, and mobile devices that are connected to the internet.  They are self-checking, require zero prep, and provide instant feedback to teachers.  Sounds great, right? Especially as we navigate teaching virtually!  More on how to create a Boom account later! 😉

Since discovering Boom Cards, I got to work!  I am really proud of my new set, Read & Sequence. I’d love to show you a little more about it!

On each Read & Sequence card, students will read a short story and look at the pictures, and then number the pictures in order of events.  On Boom, kiddos can simply click and drag each number over the correct picture!  Sequencing is an essential reading comprehension strategy, and these 3-step sequencing cards are awesome practice!  When kiddos are ready, they will hit the green “submit” button.  If the answers are correct, the next card will appear.  If answers are incorrect, they’ll have a chance to correct any mistakes.

As noted in the picture, there are 24 short stories included.  So as not to overwhelm students, I separated the cards into four decks of six story cards each.  Kiddos can choose a deck to complete. When they are done, they’ll be directed back to the menu, where they can choose another deck or take a little break.
These digital task cards are PERFECT for Distance Learning, and they would be great in the classroom as well!  They are engaging and can be completed individually.  It would make an awesome learning center or small group activity!  
So how do you access my interactive Read & Sequence cards?  You can purchase them from my TpT shop, where you will download a PDF with a special link, or you can buy them right on Boom.  This set is also included in a money saving BUNDLE on TpT!
To PLAY your Boom cards, you’ll need to sign-up for an account on Boom Learning.  To help teachers everywhere, they are offering FREE Ultimate memberships through June 2020.  And to be honest, the membership fee after that is very reasonably priced at just $15 to $35 per year (depending on how many students you’d need to add).
To get set with your free extended trial, just head to Boom Learning and follow the instructions on this fancy graphic:

I am not affiliated with Boom Learning at all, by the way!  I just think this platform is an awesome way to 1) utilize technology in your classroom and 2) assign work during this Learn at Home phase!

Feel free to pin the image below to save this post for later or share it with your teacher friends! 🙂

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